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    歡迎訪問炳泰科技官方網站 !
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    FUJIAN BRIGHT-TECH PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is a modern enterprise who is dedicated to the research &development , processing &manufacture,sells& service in various kinds of cast film machinery.That machineries is widely used in medical health and hygienic matterial,construction industry,solar cell encapsulation, commodity packaging, daily necessities,car accessories,garments,bags and shoe materials,as well as other kinds of composite resin materials.

    Adhering to idea of " Technology Innovation,High Quality and Trusty Cooperation",we have built one professional, united and aggressive working team,which is providing the most professional, rational,and suitable cast film solution project to our customers.The stable quality of machines,and good services is achieving highly approval from our customers.

    The support from customers,market recognition and workers's efforts,all this is inspiring and encouraging Bright-Tech move forward! And we sincerely hope that we can create a more glorious achievements and future together!!


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    No.2 Shuangbin Road,Chaoyang Industrial Area,Shuangyang Luojiang District,Quannzhou City,Fujian,China

    +86-595-22355678 Mobile:+86-15359530909

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